Simple Memorial Service Ideas for your Loved Ones


Memorial Service Ideas

Memorial Service Ideas

Preparing for a memorial service in commemoration of someone who has passed away is growing in popularity as another option to formal funerals. There are various reasons for such trend—the cost of a typical funeral cannot be afforded by the bereaved family or the delayed in attendance of some relatives. For whatever the reason may be, it’s very good to plan ahead a memorial service to honor the distinct qualities of the person who has died. Here are some memorial service ideas you want to take a look at.

  • The Right Time and the Perfect Venue

Memorial ceremonies often demand minimal time pressure than funeral services. A memorial ceremony is commonly held in memory of someone who has been buried in a private cemetery or has preferred cremation. It’s suitable to select the right time that would be convenient for friends, family members and other relatives so they can honor the person who passed away. In addition, the location which can be availed for the memorial service is among the memorial service ideas you want to think about as well.


For that matter, you may prefer to hold the ceremony at a venue that has special implication for the person who has passed away. You could choose to hold it in church, the person’s house or simply a place that would make other people remember the person. That’s definitely the perfect memorial service ideas to do, keep it emphasized on the life, achievements and experiences of the person being remembered.


  • Imbibing the Appropriate Theme

What’s the appropriate theme for the person who has died? Would he or she prefer to be remembered through comical statements or a melodramatic sharing of memories? Would he or she like a visual presentation instead? Those things are some of the memorial service ideas you wish to consider that will result to the right memorial ceremony.


Since you are devising memorial service ideas, determine what theme or tone should participants of the ceremony must prepare. Could it be sharing a table with the person who has died during lunch break? How about collecting a particular photograph of things for a scrapbook? Or having innate talents that are exclusive for the both of them? These are memorial service ideas that you may want to consider as well.

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